Makes_me_digital is a study aimed at providing an accelerated programme for the training of SME employees and unemployed persons with digital skills that are required in the modern work place.

The project will result in a set of blueprints for replicable and scalable training programmes that meet the needs of SMEs and unemployed people in accessing digital skills.

The problem in figures

Within Europe, it is estimated that the level of digitalisation is only at 12% of its potential, this is compared to 18% for the frontier leader, the United States.

90% of jobs are expected to require some kind of digital competence in the near future, according to the European Centre for the Development of Vocational Training.

The Europe’s Digital Progress Report identifies that 45% of citizens and 37% of European workers have insufficient digital skills, and there is a close link between this shortage and the degree of employability.

According to a recent World Economic Forum survey, 36% of European workers are worry about not having the digital skills they will need in their jobs in the future.


Training programmes will be project driven, focused on SMEs necessities and unemployees expectations, consequently the design drivers for training programmes are employability and increase of productivity 


How and why get involved?

Trining programs are aimed at the necessities of every single SME.



How and why get involved?

Training programs to provide people with digital skills in demand.

Training providers

How and why get involved?

Participate and share your experience with us.

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