This course is designed for all entry-level participants and active sales and marketing professionals in particular. Here You will learn about the latest digital sales and marketing tools and techniques that would increase your overall workflow performance and teach you how to save time working smarter and not harder. Additionally, You will learn to develop and design functional project-based websites as well as keep yourself and other sensitive company data safe.

Course methodology

The teaching-learning methodology will follow a blended-learning approach:

  • On-site face-to-face classes for those subjects that require interactions with instructors and classmates. These classes are concentrated in the first half of the course, to provide students with basic skills and motivation to go through the course. Remaining half of the course will be taught online, where all students will receive the on-demand learning material and all relevant resources as well as online support.
  • Participants will be interactacting between themselves and the instructors, in order to develop group and individual projects throughout the course.
  • lnteractions are going to happen in person and using online tools, such as Slack.

Learning outcomes and skills developed

– Use of technical SEO tools to optimise client traffic, perform website audit and competitive digital analysis.

– Ability to design and integrate user interface elements into CMS

– Ability to set up and use basic cyber security tools

– Ability to create and modify artificial intelligence chatbots

– Ability to set up modern online work station

– Use of a variety of chrome extension tools and online based platforms.

– Application of growth hacking techniques for customer acquisition and retention

– Teamwork, collaboration and effective communication skills developed by working on a group and personal IT projects.

Dates, duration and location

Duration: 10 weeks from 2nd of July to 3rd of September

Participant workload: 200 hours.

Study structure: 5×10 hours at CodeAcademy HQ + 15×10 hours of online content and support.

When: 4h on Saturday and Sunday mornings + 2h on Monday evenings

Where: CodeAcademy HQ at Sauletekio al.15