SME Owners

The ability of SMEs to adapt to technological changes and introduce new technologies in their daily operations is key to productivity and, consequently, competitiveness.

The situation of the European SMEs

In the EU 99,81% of all enterprises are SMEs, employing nearly 67% of all Europan workforce and generating over 57% of total value. As such, SMEs are the main driving force of the European economy and are essential to the Union’s prosperity. SMEs are also a cornerstone of Europe 2020 strategy as six of the seven of its Flagship Initiatives are aimed at helping SMEs achieve sustainable growth.

In terms of digitisation, Europe is becoming more digital: in 2007, 27% of the active European labour force has never used the Internet; by 2016, this indicator had fallen to 7%.

Why engage:

1.Improve the SME European landscape: for companies, the introduction of technological innovations such as robotisation, artificial intelligence, 3D printing, nanotechnology, Big Data or genetics and biotechnology, entail a major transformation of production processes.

This transformation is already underway and is having a high impact on jobs, the way we work and society functions. Some predict this industrial revolution may bring about new business opportunities and foster the emergence of new occupations.

3. Get involved in the European digital SMEs ecosystem: participate in round tables with experts to propose, design, assess and develop your projects. We will engage with local SMEs, and potentially other larger companies, to construct a small project with the participants that would integrate them into the local network. team meetings, SME cluster networks and events, and voluntary organizations.

2. Improve the quality and skills of your own workforce: we will include various activities that promote the development of transferable or ‘soft skills’ alongside the technical digital skills and will have local businesses and SMEs as integral parts of the training programme that will result in successful learning outcomes.